Link your Kotak Neo Account with Modern Algos

Easily connect your Kotak Neo account to ModernAlgos with a one-time setup to experience smooth trade execution. Follow this guide for step-by-step instructions.

Steps to link your Kotak Neo account with ModernAlgos:

    1. Enter your Client ID and Register for Kotak Neo Trade API. Click Here
    2. Enter Your Client ID, Registered Email ID and Registered Mobile No. and click on Submit. .
    3. Once you submit the form, you will receive the Kotak Neo Trade API credentials and links on your registered email ID within 30 mins.

    4. Once you received the credentials in the email. Go to the Kotak API Manager (Click Here) . Go to the Sign In Page from top-right section.

    5. Sign In using the Username and Password received in email.
    5. Click on the Applications in the top. Now go to Default Application.
    5. From the default application page, go to Production Keys on the left menu.
    4. In the Production Key Window, copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for further setup. Remember, these are confidential and should be kept safe.
    4. Now scrolling down, under Key Configurations enter the below details to create the app:
    • Grant Types: Check all the options..
    • Callback URL: Enter
    • Other Fields: Enter 8640000000 in the remaining 4 fields.

    • Click on Update.

    5. Great! Your app is set up. Now, open the Modern Algos login page in a new window(Click Here) and click on "One Time Setup".
    6. Enter the below details to complete integration:
    • Mobile Number: Enter the mobile number registered with your Kotak Neo Account.
    • API User ID: Enter the API user ID received on mail in Step 3(a).
    • API Password: Enter the API Password received on mail in Step 3(b).
    • Neo Fin Key: Enter the Neo Fin Key received on mail in Step 3(c)
    • Consumer Key: Enter the Consumer Key copied in Step 8 (a).
    • Consumer Secret: Enter the Consumer Secret copied in Step 8 (b).

      Click on Submit to Complete One Time Setup.

    Hurray! Your Kotak Neo Account is successfully linked with Modern Algos! Now You can login to Modern Algos easily using your Kotak Neo Account Credentials.

    In case you are stuck anywhere, feel free to drop us a message to raise a call-back request from our support team, or chat with us on WhatsApp. You can also drop us a mail at