Modern Algos is an One Stop Automated Platform to meet all your Investing and Trading needs with Integration to Broker Platform for seamless execution.
Investor Section - Curated Equity and Mutual Fund and Goal Based Baskets; Trader Section - Intraday Picks, Scanners, Alerts; Option Strategist - Strategy Picks, Strategy Builder, Option Scanners, etc.
To provide a Single Platform to meet all your Investing and Trading needs, whether you are a beginner or an Advanced Trader, the platform is easy and convenient for all.
For your ease, to understand the various features and products of the Portal, Tutorial Videos are available. The Tutorial Videos explains in detail the step by step process to use and access all the services easily.
If you have a trading & demat account with one of the integrated brokers, you can simply log in through the Broker Credentials and your account will get created automatically then you shall start trading directly from the platform. By clicking on ‘Sign in’, you can view the integrated brokers and login with the respective credentials.
With Broker Credentials your account set up will be done and same will be used for the seamless execution of the baskets, strategies etc…
Intraday Picks generate auto recommendations in Indices, Equity, Futures, Options and Commodities, in the derivative section Min amount required will be equivalent to Exchange Specified Margins and we do not generate more than 10 signals a day. For equity segment: you may start with any amount and same can be defined in the system. Based on that quantity will be calculated.
Our all the Intraday Signals and Strategies are auto generated and we focus more on the filter and execution. However all our products will have accuracy more than 65%
"Stocks are filtered based on 5 Pillars - Profitability, Liquidity, Efficiency, Inventory, Cash Flow ratios then we have our proprietory Quantative layers to filter stocks through various sectors then they will move for Statistics filters. Final lists of stocks will form the Baskets and for the allocation of the percentage a proprietory variable method is plugged in, so that performing stocks shall have highest allocation."
It is very easy and seamless, you will have to simply click on Trade or Trade All option and rest ModernAlgos Robust Trading API will do the required. We have created a specific video on this, you may watch the same from the Tutorial Videos Page.
You just need to log in on the portal. You will automatically receive notifications on your desktop or mobile. Also sms notifications will be sent for paid subscribers.
No, with Modern Algos - you are essentially buying exchange listed securities which are exposed to market risks. Investing in market instruments involves risks and investments may lose value. Also, the returns shown for each product are the historical returns. Modern Algos do not have any projected returns shown. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.
It is 100% System Based Algorithmic Platform and no human intervention at all for any of the Products at Modern Algos. At the same time, it will provide all the needs of an Investor/Trader/ Strategist under one roof with the seamless integration with the Broker Platform.
To avail the services of Modern Algos, a monthly subscription of Rs. 999 need to be paid and alternatively for continued monitoring and other benefits you can subscribe to the Annual Subscription of Rs. 9999
Once you have Executed a Basket, you can track the Live Performance of the Basket under Equity Dashboard. Wherein stock wise and basket wise complete details are available. Along with the option of Booking Profit just by a click.
All your Trades in Equity, Futures and Options can be tracked at a single place, that is the Trader Dashboard. You can check the Status and Net Positions details along with the option to Exit from them. Also easily monitor and modify your Auto Trades in Strategies on a single page.
Once you select the Trade All Option under Intraday Picks for Indices/Equity/Futures then at the bottom of page you will be displayed a confirmation message, saying Trade All Option is successfully submitted.
No, it will depend upon the Market Liquidity and Depth, though we ensure that enough liquidity and volume should be available for the execution at the time of listing a recommendations or a strategy.
No, minimum Time period is 6 months to see the performance, as all the modules are designed based on the counter move and in the momentum - model may not perform.